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Everything you need to get the job done right.

Controlled Combustion, Inc. has a long track record of working with the best manufacturers to get you the best results.

Scotch-type steam and hot water boilers, deaerators and feed water systems, vertical tubeless boilers.

Oil and gas fired steel boilers, direct and indirect water heaters.

Metal fiber process infra-red burners, standard and custom sizes and shapes.

Flame monitors, ignition burners, spark igniters, environmental monitors.

Industrial combustion analyzers. Hand held and portable flue gas analyzers. Models available with 2 to 9 sensors.

High pressure gas regulators. Standard diaphragm and rotary meters, and electronic gas meters.

Gas fired infrared heaters. High intensity and radiant tube.

Embedded combustion infrared emitters, quick cool pads, high radiant outputs.

Two-PSI gas regulators, electronic modulation controllers.

Gas pressure regulators, gas governors, slam shut valves, gas smart metering.

Gas-fired immersion tube burners and direct-fired process air heating burners.

Industrial process burners, regulators, airflow switches, packaged gas burners, air-gas mixers and zero gas regulators.

Motorized gas valves with single or double bodies, UL/FM/AGA РFlame safety controllers, gas pressure switches, modulation actuators. Linkageless burner control systems.

Make-up air heaters, variable volume heaters, high temp. spray/bake heaters, custom air handlers.

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